Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gossip [TWGOK]

Hey guys, it's me - Buttercup

I have to tell you something - sorry Bubbles for not telling - but it's some great news >.<
Looks like they are planning to do a 3rd season of "The World God only knows"!!!! Ah I'm so happy, I'm about to die!!!
But it's just a rumor because the ending of the 2nd season showed five new girls. Okay one of them got an OVA, but there these other girls popped up in the endig too :O And there's no OVA on them!
Keima may say, that he finally really can see the ending, but Elsea mentions "a whole bunch of loose souls" coming into their district and her last word is: "Continue" These are striking hints! Furthermore the contract isn't ended between them and now Diana showed up. So what about her? And Tenri just moved into the next house and it seems like the girls still remember Keima somehow. The story still can go on!
And a magazine wrote about a 3rd season, just like!
And somewhere I read that this season will be published this year :O I can't wait and I'm hoping so much that these rumors are true >o<
I'm following the news. If I get to know something I will tell you immediately!

'nough said - Buttercup

P.S. Bubbles - forgive me! I just had to tell >.<

So look at this girls: at the top on the left the one with the orange curls and the one on her right side just like the one on the right side with the blonde curls and the puppet and furthermore the small one with short brown hairs at the bottom. They absolutely where at the endig of the 2nd season but don't pop up at any OVA!!!

Just like this girl! No OVA but appearance at the ending!!! So there must be a 3rd season. Yes!
This is my conclusion!

And like always: Pictures are from the web and don't b elong to us

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