Sunday, January 20, 2013


NAME: Buttercup
AGE: 18
CHARACTERISTICS: Aw, that's always the most difficult part... Well someone told me that I'm nice and funny. But I would say that I can be rather cheeky. For that I've got some humor. 
The most important thing about me is: I'm CRAZY! The part of my brain which creates this kind of craziness also is the source of my ideas and creativity, so don't be surprised!
I love reading weird stories too. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE music! The best band on the world is Nevershoutnever (just to mention it).
And I have a penchant for cola and sweets and I'm a helpless dreamer ;)

1. If your character had a colour, what would it be?
It would be rainbow coloured for sure. No not because I am gay, but because my life's colorful like a rainbow and I am full of different emotions.

2. What animal would you like to be?
A parrot! First of all they have many many colours, then they can speak a little bit and - most important - they can fly. I would love to be able to fly! Seeing the world from above and being a little closer to the sky. Wonderful!

3. Unicorn or Pegasus?
That's somehow difficult to answer... Pegasus is able to fly, but a unicorn is really beautiful. And Pegasus gets caught by Herakles. No I think I like unciorns best...

4. Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?
*cough* -trying not to have dirty thoughts - *cough* euhm... whipped cream? It's fluffy and white :) (Somehow it sounds wrong...)

5. If you could use a time machine to travel back in time, where and when would you go?
I would go to America to listen to Martin Luther Kings speech I guess... really would like to hear it.

6. Which one has a bigger possibility of existing? Vampires or Aliens?
Aliens. You see in a solar system there is a zone in which a planet has to be located so that there can grow life 
on it. Our earth stays in such a zone in our solar system. But outside there, there are much more solar systems. Why shouldn't there be another planet which is located in such a zone, too?
Vampire's well... there isn't such a great proof I could take, so aliens are more possible. In my eyes. But doesn't mean that you can't believe in them ;)

Last words: My last words are: long-tentacled plate coral - it's a funny coral, originally called Heliofungia (helio=sun; fungus=mushroom) I think it really looks... interesting with its long arms!

That's it, that's me ;) It was funny thinking about this questions :D
Well then, see you later guys! - Your admin Buttercup ;)

Introducing the admins: Part 1

NAME: Bubbles

AGE: 18

CHARACTERISTICS: What to write~ . . . I would say I'm a bit shy, except when I'm really close with that person then I'm the total opposite :) 
I'm creative to the point where I have multiple ideas on my mind and don't get to realize them...
Hmm~ what else? Oh, I am definitely far from normal but to be honest it would be boring if I were, don't you think? In addition I have my own weird sense of humor ;]

Should I let you in on a secret?... Yes? OK... I'm a sucker for KPOP, there I said it.
And I am proud of that fact ^^

1.If you character had a colour, what would it be?
It would have a fluorescent colour because it stands out in contrast to others. :P

2.What animal would you like to be?
I would like to be a wolf. They can always count on their pack and have a strong sense of loyality.
I think being loyal is very important because it strengthens the bond between individuals. Due to the fact that most relationships between humans are a lot more superficial, I appreciate that quality in wolves.

3.Unicorn or Pegasus?
Pegasus... I mean it can fly, what else is there to think about?

4.Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?
Is it just me or has this question a double meaning? Anyway I pick chocolate sauce... why?... because I can :)

5.If you could use a time machine to travel back in time, where and when would you go?
I guess I would travel back to the 13th century to attend one of the first carnivals of venice.
I like that whole mysterious atmosphere and of course I would get to wear a fancy dress.  

6.Which one has a bigger possibility of existing? Vampires or Aliens?
I assume Aliens have a bigger possibility of existing. Firstly, we only know a tiny part of our universe and if we exist why wouldn't it be possible that somewhere out there other life forms exist as well. 
As for the vampires, it would be pretty cool if they existed. Since I don't have evidence to prove that they don't exist I'm not going to eliminate the possibility that they do. It makes the whole thing more exciting :)

Last words: Actually I only have one word for you and that would be floccinaucinihilipilification it expresses the estimation of something as valueless... not that I'm referring to you guys or anything. I just really like this word :)
Try saying it...

Well, I guess that's it for my introduction. I had fun :)
Oh~ and look forward to Buttercup's  introduction, which will be next.

Bye for now, your admin Bubbles ;]

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey Guys,

What's up? We are the lovely admins of this blog Bubbles and Buttercup. 

Two not so normal girls with a mission, we want to dedicate this blog to the little things in everyday life.

To the colorful, stupid, crazy, delighting, inspirating particles that make living worthwhile.

So don't expect this to be a blog with a constant topic, this blog is going to be just as random as we, the admins, are. 

So just lean back, hang on tight and enjoy this roller-coaster ride with us.

Your admins Bubbles Buttercup